Oct 5, 2021 • 36M

Joe Sanok: How To Work Less

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Superpower: How to work a four day work week

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  1. Install the mindset of slowing down

    • Add something meaningful to your schedule

    • Pull something unimportant or negative from your schedule

  2. Set clear hard and soft boundaries

  3. Capitalize on work time. Setup environment for flow state.

  4. Go through the FIRST model to choose what to work on:

    1. F - Fruit: what's the low hanging fruit?

    2. I - Inflect: acting as if. Living into where you're headed?

    3. R - Reinvest - put time and money back into the system

    4. S - Specialize - specialize more and more

    5. T - Time Limited - not a 5 year goal. Look 6-months out, maybe 12.

  5. Determine your Sprint style and work according to it:

    1. Type: Time Block Sprinter (usually 1-4 hour, does 1 primary task) or Task Switch Sprinter

    2. When: Automated or Intensive Sprinter (goes away for a sabbatical)

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